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Founded in 1949, the Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund awards millions in need-based college scholarships each year to deserving young men and women who have worked at Massachusetts golf courses.

75th Anniversary Banquet

Take a look back at our 75th Anniversary Banquet honoring Juli Inkster at the Encore on March 21, 2024!
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Our Ouimet Alumni Community is more than 6,600 strong across the country, and the reason The Fund can continue to grow is because of the increasing Alumni engagement.
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Your generosity helps these young people finance their education, and we hope you are proud of their wonderful 93% four-year graduation rate and ongoing success in life!
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The Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund awards millions in need-based college scholarships each year to deserving young men and women who have worked at Massachusetts golf courses.

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Throughout my undergraduate years, the Ouimet Scholarship has financially benefited my life. I was able to begin repaying my student loans and school tuition with my Ouimet Scholarship, something I would not have been able to do otherwise. This scholarship also helps me gain some financial independence from my parents and takes the burden of my tuition off their plate since my two younger siblings are also in college. This scholarship has positively influenced my life, and I am so grateful. Thank you!

Maiah, Loyola University Maryland, 2023Green Hill Municipal Golf Course

Earning the title of Ouimet Scholar is one of the things I am most proud of in my life. Being one of five children, it means so much to alleviate some of the financial burden of a college education off of my family's shoulders. I am so thankful for the opportunities and assistance this Scholarship has given to me already, and I am determined to contribute to the legacy of Francis Ouimet and the Ouimet Fund in all of my future endeavors. Thank you!

John, College of the Holy Cross, 2023Cape Cod National Golf Club & Charles River Country Club

My Ouimet Scholarship has made a truly positive impact for me and my parents through the financial support it provides. With the impact COVID-19 has had on my parents financially and the significant reduction toward our annual income, this support has been so helpful and I am so grateful. Thank you!

Amy, Adelphi University, 2024Beverly Golf and Tennis Club

Being regarded as a Ouimet Scholar is a great honor, and I hold this designation in high regard. I recognize the elite class of distinguished individuals who also share this title with me. The Ouimet Scholarship has given me an incredible financial boost, as I pay for tuition completely on my own. In addition to financial relief, being able to write Ouimet Scholar on my resume has been a talking point in many interviews and, I believe, was an important piece in helping me attain my internship this past summer. Being able to bond over the game of golf and the story of Francis Ouimet has given me the confidence to continue networking and sharing the story of the underdog. Thank you!

Jake, UMass Amherst, 2024Hyannisport Club

To put it simply, the Ouimet Scholarship has impacted my education by helping me financially and giving me ample opportunities for career growth. With my scholarship, I did not have to find a job as soon as I got to school, giving me more time to adjust to being a full-time student in a new country and focusing on my academics. Some day in the near future, I hope to give back to The Fund and help others just as the Ouimet Scholarship has helped me.

Paulina, McGill University, 2025The Country Club

The financial assistance from The Fund has allowed me to focus on and achieve in my academic studies and my athletic performance in Men's Track & Field at Stonehill College. Also, the financial support reduced the stress for my parents and me so that I can continue my program of study and stay on track to graduate with a degree in Sport Management. Thank you!

Tyler, Stonehill College, 2025William J. Devine Golf Course at Franklin Park

The Ouimet Scholarship is a tremendous financial help for my family and me. Being awarded this scholarship has alleviated stress for us all, and I am very grateful for the kindness and generosity The Fund has shown my sister and me.

Sophia, Union College, 2025Concord Country Club

Ouimet has provided me with tremendous financial support throughout my college career. I’m graetful for my scholarship money and thankful for the networking opporutnities available to me through The Fund. As a recipeient of the Jerry Trupiano Endowed Scholarship, I was lucky enough to establish a connection with Mr. Trupiano and this would not have been possible without the Ouimet Fund.

Kyle, Syracuse University, 2023George Wright Golf Course

My Ouimet Scholarship greatly benefits my family and me. The financial assistance lifts a great deal of stress off of us and allows me to focus on my school work and grades. As a nursing major, I’m required to have scrubs, a stethoscope, and other nursing supplies, so receiving my Ouimet Scholarship has helped me afford those too. My parents are I are so grateful for the support, thank you!

Catherine, Simmons University, 2024Oakley Country Club

Without the Ouimet Fund’s financial assistance, I would not be able to attend Seton Hall and pursue my undergraduate degree. I also made meaningful connections at the Investing in Lifetimes Reception and have received support and guidance from generous donors who demonstrate what it means to be part of the Ouimet family. The Fund has brought many notable benefits to my life, and I am so grateful.

Nezar, Seton Hall University, 2023Winchester Country Club

My Ouimet Scholarship helps ease some of the burdens and stresses that come along with pursuing a college education. The scholarship helps alleviate some of these financial worries and barriers, and for that, I am so thankful.

Andrew, Boston College, 2024Brae Burn Country Club

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We are supported by contributions from clubs, members and various organizations, and individuals who believe in the value of education and our mission.

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